If you are looking to use an AT2020 exclusively through USB with a computer, we would recommend using the AT2020USB+ or AT2020USBi microphones, which have been designed to be connected directly to the USB port of a Mac or Windows PC.  The built-in pre-amp and USB circuit enables us to guarantee that the microphone will work for your application to the high specifications that we expect from the microphone.

If you are planning to use your microphone for different applications, where you would use a mixer some of the time and a computer for others, the best solution will be to use the AT2020 (XLR Version) with an audio interface to the computer.

It is important to use an audio interface because the AT2020 requires +48V Phantom Power to work.  The USB bus on a computer is only able to provide 5V, and therefore is not directly compatible by using an XLR-USB cable adapter.

Some USB Audio Interface devices do not provide full 48V phantom power, so it is important to check with the manufacturer/dealer that the interface you're looking to purchase can supply a minimum of 2mA at 48V Phantom Power.

An example of 'tried and tested' USB Audio Interfaces that are compatible with the AT2020 are:

For further advice on USB Audio Interfaces, we recommend contacting a specialised dealer/retailer/manufacturer.