For customers who are based in a country belonging to the EU, or who are based in the UK, some user-replaceable parts are available to purchase directly through our website. Not all parts are currently available to purchase through our main website, however we are looking to include more parts soon.

For customers who are based outside of an EU country (or the UK), you will need to contact your local Audio-Technica office for further assistance.  Details on finding your local dealer can be found at the bottom of this article.

Headphone Parts

Microphone Parts

If you're uncertain which part you need while browsing, you may be able to find the items you need more easily by searching for the 'second-half' of your product code on the website.  For example, if you have the ATH-M50X, search for the "M50X" to find any parts that are related to this item.

If your item shows as 'Out of stock' on the website, it will not be possible to purchase the item until it arrives back into stock in our warehouses.

Purchasing spare parts that are 'out of stock' or not listed on the main website

If you are unable to find the part that you need, or your part is in stock but you would like to place it on order to receive it as soon as the next batch arrives, please check out or dedicated 'Spares Sales' basket solution:

Finding your Local Audio-Technica Office (for those outside of the EU27 countries or the UK)

For customers based in Europe, Middle East or Africa, your local audio-Technica office can be found on the following webpage:

For customers not based within these area, you can find your regional headquarters through the following webpage: